At last – my first harvest

First harvest

I popped down to the allotment today, just to check on things and do a bit of weeding, as I was away over the weekend, and look what I came home with. Okay, I confess, neither the broad beans nor the cabbage have been grown by me, or on my plot. They were kindly donated by my allotment neighbour who has masses of both, but it still counts as my first harvest, even if I’ve ‘harvested’ from someone else! I have strawberries, small beetroot, and rather large spring onions from my own plot.

I think the autumn planted garlic is ready to lift, and I might see whether the early potatoes are big enough yet, they’re just on the verge of flowering. But they can wait until the weekend.

I’ve been holding off from buying beetroot and strawberries from the supermarket, as there’s nothing like the taste of your own homegrown ones, that you know are in season, fresh, organic, and haven’t travelled halfway across the country (or world even) loosing nutrients and taste along the way.

First strawberries

Apparently one of my neighbours had to rescue a bird trapped in the netting over my strawberry patch. It’s no wonder, there are some fat and juicy fruit in there. Still, it’s a bit distressing. It also got harassed by one of the local cats too, poor thing. I deliberately use chicken wire for this reason, but I use a small bit of netting to cover either end of the tunnel. I’ll have to construct some sort of chicken wire frame ends now, I can’t bear having birds getting themselves tangled in the stuff, I know what a nightmare it is when I get tangled in it myself.

The rest of the plot is progressing well too, the climbing beans have finally started to climb up their poles, and the onions are starting to fatten up nicely, the broad beans are flowering like there’s no tomorrow, the tomatoes are looking really healthy so far, and the courgettes, cucumber and squashes are starting to put on some growth, though they’ve had a lack of water admittedly.

Still got leeks and sweetcorn to plant – busy, busy!

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