Unofficial chilli survey


I’m growing chilli’s on my windowsill at home. They’re in a small lean-to extension which has a conservatory style roof to it – though I wouldn’t really call it a conservatory, more of a ‘space to store all those things I don’t know what to do with’ room, contains the recycling boxes and dog walking stuff (which is more than you’d think) and is often a holding bay for all the stuff destined for the shed, although things get ‘stuck’ in the holding bay for quite some time. The clear roof and windows around two sides mean that it’s very light and bright and in the summer when the weather is hot, it gets very, very hot in there. You have to take a breath before you walk through and quickly open the door at the other end.

However, it’s the perfect place for growing chillies as I discovered only last year. I grew 2 plants in here and had numerous fresh chillies all through late summer, which is great as John is pretty much addicted to them.

So this year I’m doubling up on plants, and thinking about lots of chilli type preserves I might make.

But I’m amazed at the difference between them in terms of progress. They are all the same variety, sown from seed at the same time, grown in the same conditions, same size pots etc, etc.

  • Number 3 is the smallest plant, has numerous flowers and already has 2 small green chillies.
  • Number 1 is the next biggest in size, no chillies and though lots of flower buds, has yet to actually flower.
  • Number 2 is the next biggest and the most successful with 4 chillies already.
  • Number 4 is definitely the biggest in growth, but not a single chilli yet.

So you see, it’s true, size isn’t everything. Maybe when number 4 starts fruiting it will end up producing more chillies through the season than the others, I guess it’s been putting its energy into growing rather than fruiting so far. Maybe I’ll put a bit of paper under each pot and keep note of how many chillies each one produces, and then see whether the size of plant affects production. Or maybe I’ll just try and get out more!

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