Gardening with Alys

I’ve just discovered some lovely video clips of Alys Fowler on her allotment, and wanted to share this one with you. There are more if you go to YouTube and search under her name. It’s good to know she has the same weed problems as me, and also good to know that I am doing the right thing by both bagging and drowning them.

I’ve yet to get going on my allotment, I’ve been busy working, and the weather has been busy raining. I have at least ordered some new chilli and sweet pepper seeds, and will put my order in for other seeds, sets and spuds very soon. It’s normally the first thing I do in the New Year, but January has almost passed me by this year.

The chillies and peppers need a fairly long growing season if they’re going to ripen enough, and they’ll be kept indoors for most of their life anyway, so there’s no need to wait for warmer weather to start sowing these. I also normally sow lettuce and leeks at this time of year, both are very hardy and can go outdoors earlier than other plants, and although I have sown broad beans on the allotment, I need to sow some more at home. Time to dust down the propagator.

In the meantime, I’m virtual gardening with Alys. She makes me want to be down there with my little dog in tow (and dressed in a woolly jumper), right now. Also, must buy a storm kettle!

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