Spring fever

Spring fever,  a feeling of restlessness and excitement felt at the beginning of spring.

Ely in spring

John and I have been in Cumbria for a few days, and during that time it seems that spring has finally arrived. Of course, it was raining in the Lake District when we arrived, we expect no less. John grew up there and we visit frequently, so we’re familiar with the weather in the North West, but spring was definitely in the air by the time we journeyed home, and my thoughts turned to the allotment and the amount of work that now needs doing there.

Work demands most of my attention at the moment, but a lunchtime dog walk via the allotment can be squeezed into my agenda until the weekend. It’s a 40 min round trip walk, so I have to be careful not to be tempted to get out the hoe and start working, or do too much gossiping with fellow plot holders. It’s a challenge, but it can be done, and at least being a home working freelancer means the boss won’t sack me for being late back, and thankfully nobody sees me back at my desk with tousled hair and mud under my fingernails. It makes a refreshing little jaunt to get the brain cells buzzing.

So here’s a little gallery of life on plot 37:

Spring gallery

Something is feasting on the petals of the daffs before they’ve even had chance to open. The plum tree is showing signs of life. The top section (overlooked here by Bess) is growing a green manure that will be dug back in. Bottom left is garlic, growing well but in needing of a weeding.

I came home with yet more parsnips and leeks, but also my first harvest of purple sprouting broccoli. More on that to come.

Here’s hoping the weather holds over the weekend.

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