The tantalising promise of fruit

strawberries in flower

I just about managed to walk down to the allotment, put the hoe around the onions, take a few arty photos, and get back home again before it poured heavily with rain. Phew. May feels more like April with all these showers, but I’m not complaining, the plants and seedlings need it.

The bottom end of my plot is showing great potential at the moment. I have a bed of strawberries, some of which have not survived the winter unfortunately, but those that have are doing well and producing lots of fruit. I’ll have to get some cover over them soon if I want to actually harvest anything, as opposed to just feed the birds.

ladybird larvae

I’ve noticed a lot of these guys around the plot, which is great news. They look like some hideous mini beast, but they’re actually ladybird larvae. How exactly they go from this, to the more disneyfied little red spotted beetles, I don’t know, but what I do know is, at this stage they devour aphids at an alarming rate. They’re growing faster than a pre-teen and need all the food they can get, but they won’t do any damage to your crops. The more the merrier.

plum tree

plums on tree

Behind the strawberry bed, at the very bottom of the plot, I have a Victoria plum tree. While I didn’t get around to planting asparagus a few years back, I did at least have the foresight to plant this and a little apple tree. It was a bit of an investment at the time, but something I’d always wanted to grow. While the apple tree has yet to pay dividends, the plum tree is now paying me back handsomely.

I had a few fruit in the first year, nothing at all in the second, then last year was pretty good, I had a couple of punnets worth of the most delicious fruit. I’d read somewhere that plum trees often only fruit every other year as they have to regain their strength after fruiting, so to be honest I wasn’t expecting anything from it this year.

In early spring I noticed it was blossoming, thought that I might get ‘some’ fruit after all, and then promptly forgot all about it. You don’t really notice the immature fruit from afar, as they’re completely camouflaged in the leaves. So it was only when I was weeding the strawberries the other week, that I looked up and saw every branch completely covered with fruit. It was a little joyous moment that only grow-your-owners will understand. No doubt the local squirrels and birds will have a share, but so long as they don’t strip it, I can see some jam in the making this summer, after I make crumble obviously! Maybe I should net it?

spider on plum

Perfect spot for a bit of sun worshipping! Make the most of it spidey.

PS: I’m now on Instagram if you want to follow me and see some of my other pictures there. It explains why there might be a slight 70’s glow to one or two pictures from now on, but of course everything was sunnier then wasn’t it? It was certainly brown and orange, I remember that much.


  1. Like you, I had a little leap of joy the other day when I spotted some tiny fruits forming on our dwarf plum tree. Last year we had just 3 sweet and delicious fruits; fingers crossed for more this year!


    • It’s exciting isn’t it? When you sow seeds you sort of expect something to come up, but with fruit trees, you just never know what you might, or might not, get from year to year. I feel grateful for anything.


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