Dried herbs update

fresh oregano

Further to my previous post, the trays of oregano and thyme were left behind in my house while I was away over the weekend, and when I got back they were perfectly crisp and dry.

dried oregano

All ready for a quick chop…

chopping herbs

And packing into jars for storage.

jarred herbs

Dried herbs aren’t as good as using fresh herbs, so I’ll continue to pick and use them fresh while I can. But these will keep me supplied the rest of the time. And they smell so much stronger than the dried ones from the shops that have probably been in storage for some time before you get them. So cheap and easy to do, and the plants will benefit from the ‘pruning’.

A good rainy day task! What happened to summer, I thought it was just round the corner and then no – we’re into autumn now? Oh of course, silly me, this is British summer.

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