Midsummer photo update

I seem to have concentrated more on individual harvests of late, and not given you many photos of the overall plot. I’ve been posting those more on Instagram lately. So here is a little photographic update of the plot as it’s looking, at what I think, is it’s peak right now:

allotment July01

allotment July02
The onions have been harvested, they were left for a day on the plot while it was sunny, and have now been placed on wire racks in my cold frame at home to dry out. We had a massive thunderstorm last night, so it was good to be able to close the lid down and keep them relatively dry.

The tomatoes are coming on well, and seem to be supporting each other among my network of canes and twine. Some branches are weighed heavily with fruit, so rather than risk breaking the stems by lifting and tying them up, I have placed a layer of straw below them to (hopefully) avoid the risk of blight and attack from slugs. I have taken out some of the leaves to allow air to circulate through them, as they were getting a bit congested.

John has dug us a compost trench which is being filled with the potato tops as and when we harvest them, along with anything else non-evasive or diseased. The leeks are growing well. The herb bed has been stripped of bindweed and the oregano is in full flower, proving very popular with the bees.

The nasturtiums are creeping over the squashes, and the squashes are now edging further down, now that a row of potatoes next door have moved out. It seems everyone is heading south. The beans have completely covered their wigwams and are continuing to grow back down the other side. It doesn’t seem to matter that I pinched the tops out, they are really going for it, although I don’t see a lot of flowers. I’ve never known them grow as much as this. Also, you can just see under the mesh in the foreground are the romanesque broccoli that are now pushing at the edges of the netting.

I also have lots of drawf beans, beetroot, carrots, lettuce and spring onions. Also some tiny lemon cucumbers that are not quite ready yet – I’ll update you on that. The autumn raspberries and blackberries are starting to fruit already, and the plums are fattening up. Not bad considering I give them all very little water. I did water a few things last week because we had such a long dry spell, but they mostly have to fend for themselves.

And finally a little update on my homegrown peppers:


We’ve already started eating the chilli peppers and the bell peppers are coming on well. It’s turning out to be a very productive year. We’ve given away lots of onions and potatoes to our neighbours. My new Spanish neighbour was overwhelmed with gratitude. I just wish somebody would give me a spare courgette! Maybe I should put a sign on my allotment – ‘courgette-less plot holder, spares welcome’. I’d probably be inundated with them!

Off to the Lake District this weekend, can’t wait, bring on the cool drizzle of misty rain, it’s been too hot here lately.





  1. Yes, we would normally be drowning in courgettes by now, and I’d be trying to squeeze them into every meal. We do have one at home in a pot, but the fruit barely make it beyond finger size and then get eaten by slugs! Oh well, I’ll appreciate them all the more next year.


  2. Oh, I wish! Wouldn’t mind Monty and a full TV crew to come and sort mine out. I have bad patches too, I just don’t show them so much!


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