Ford Park

If you visit the South Lakes and ever find yourself in the small market town of Ulverston, I can recommend a trip around Ford Park which is at the foot of the Hoad monument (there’s a path leading up to it). We often stop off on our way back down and pop into the cafe for refreshments.

From the main entrance, there’s a large open green where dogs are only allowed on one side of the path, leaving the other side free for children to run about and play recreational games and/or picnics (good to keep these separate). There’s an adventure playground and a nature trail for little people or little at heart people. And opposite the old coach house where the cafe is located, is a fully restored, walled Victorian kitchen garden.

It’s not huge, but it’s full of character, complete with bunting, tall flags, crocheted vegetables, plenty of flowers and the best scarecrow I’ve seen for a while, and is well worth a little wonder through. It’s a community garden, tended by volunteers. The produce supplies the cafe and surplus is offered for sale. Here are some photos from our recent visit:

FP 1 FP 2 FP 3 FP 5 FP 6 FP4

We’ll be back to tending our own allotment tomorrow. Hope it hasn’t grown too much!


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