From Plot to Plate – a new blog

plot to plate header

So I’ve started a new blog. Like you do. I think I must be slightly addicted, or I just ate too much chocolate over Christmas and am on a sugar rush.

I wanted to take on a slightly new angle to my allotment blogging as this one has been going since 2008, and it’s hard to find new things to talk about after a while. After having too much time on my hands over Christmas to mull it over (I need work to stop me from myself and these crazy projects) I’ve decided to document a years worth of cooking, baking and preserving from my allotment produce.

I’m aiming to use a plethora of under used cookery books, including some new Christmas additions, along with other peoples blogs, websites, magazines and the local library. I might claim credit for the occasional recipe, but mostly they will be sourced and fully referenced, with web links where appropriate.

The first recipe for a salmon, leek and potato can be found there now.

Don’t worry, I will still be here to tell you whats happening on the plot, and show you some photos.

I do hope you’ll join me!

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