Parsnips with personality

Parsnips with personality

We harvested the remains of a row of parsnips on Sunday with some interesting results.

Are they ugly? Slightly freaky? Or interesting and maybe even beautiful? I shall leave it up to you, because the answer to that question is in the eye of the beholder. They wouldn’t win any contests for perfection, and the supermarkets would consider them only worthy of animal fodder, but you know what, they’re all just the same on the inside and can make perfectly tasty crisps, soups and roasted sweet batons as good any other parsnip. And I personally think the various shapes that emerge are fascinating.

Please avert your eyes to the following if you are of a nervous disposition.

I give you:

1. The Facehugger.


2. The lady with pet snake.


3. The lizard with sideburns and a goatee beard.


4. The group hug? Or something ruder.


5. And finally … The desperate for a pee.


Sorry, I did try and keep it clean. I did have a few boring ‘normal’ looking parsnips, but there’s no point in showing those, you’ve all seen them already. Can anybody do any better?

Celebrate your freaky/ugly/beautiful but more importantly tasty vegetables!




  1. Hahahaha your names for them are hilarious 🙂 I particularly love the lady with the snake. I think they are beautiful – if a bit of a pain to peel! If you can bare to of course…. They belong in a museum of parnsnippy beauty 😉


    • Thanks. Yes, you’re right they are a right pain to peel, and you don’t always end up with a lot by the time you’ve chopped and peeled away, but they make life more interesting, and gave me a bit of fun. You can’t say that about many vegetables!


  2. I’ve had similarly wierd shapes this year. Not just a pain to peel, also a mega pain to wash – impressed with your parsnip-laundering skills! I fancy snapping off the skinny tangles and roasting them to make crispy ropes of sweetness 🙂


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