Allotment journal

Allotment journal

As much as I love this blog, and I love documenting and sharing my allotment adventures with other people, I’m afraid it won’t last. Not that I’m going anywhere you understand. I mean that the actual blog itself won’t last. Apparently in years to come, it will succumb to “bit rot”.

In an article I read in the newspaper (an actual real to the touch one) at the weekend, link here, the vice-president of Google has warned that a lot of online data, including blogs, photos, tweets and far more important stuff, will be lost in years to come because we won’t have the software to view or read them. It sounds like madness until he points out the amount of data from the 1980’s that was saved on floppy disks and cassettes that are unreadable now without the devices to read them.

What really is crazy, is that ancient artefacts from hundreds of years ago, that were scored into clay tablets, or even printed on scrolls, are longer lasting than data from only a few decades ago. And technology seems to be moving on faster and faster, unless I’m just getting older!

So it seems that great, great, great old aunty Zo’s allotment adventures will be lost in time … like … tears in the rain. It might actually be for the best, but just in case I do have some distant relative, many years from now, who is vaguely interested in allotment gardening, I’m going old school and have started to document my allotment diary in hand written and illustrated format. Yeah, that should last, surely no one will chuck it in a skip the moment I’m booked into the nearest old fogeys home when my marbles have left me.

I’m joking. It’s purely just an excuse to buy some new colouring-in pencils!

February pages will come towards the end of the month, and as the months get busier, there may be more pages. I have to fill my evenings somehow, and it’s this or Gogglebox.


  1. I love your garden journal. I’ve recently taken some classes in watercolour journaling but hadn’t really put it together with the garden like you have here. Love that idea! Perhaps I’ll try it out myself 🙂


    • Thanks! I thought that article was very interesting. I see there’s another one in the g2 section today if you’re a Guardian reader. It’s amazing how much things have changed in recent years with photography etc.


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