Little signs of spring

snowdrops 2

I’m going to keep the text to a minimum here and just let the photos speak for themselves…

snowdrops 1 kale seedlings broad beans Feb tulip leaves chitting spuds leeks garlic bed

It really feels like spring is just around the very next corner.

The snowdrops in my garden are looking lovely, even drenched after a day of rain. You have to get up close and personal with them (which means getting down) to really appreciate their beauty.

The seeds are popping up to say hello and are already crowding out my propagator.

The broad beans have been freed from their winter cover and are doing well. They’re quite determined to push out flowers, but Jack Frost may have other ideas there if he shows up again any time soon.

The tulips are also eager this year, they’ve already boarded the spring train and are steaming in this direction, there’s no stopping them.

The potatoes are chitting (when will spellcheck ever get it’s head around that word, no they are NOT chatting, or hitting, at least I hope not, violent veg will not be tolerated.)

The leek bed is starting to dwindle down to the final weedy stragglers in the race (though I still value them just as much), and the garlic meanwhile is gathering strength and pace with every drop of warm, golden sunshine.

I can feel myself doing the same!



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