Allotment journal – February

Allotment journal_Feb15_p1-2Allotment journal_Feb15_p3

This is how February looked for us. Only 1 weekend on the plot, with more time spent in the potting shed, sowing and tending to seedlings, laying out potatoes to chit and also checking the garden most days for little reassuring signs of life.

March will also involve lots of sowing indoors, but we also need to get the allotment beds ready for planting and direct sowing, which means green manures need to be dug back in, and other beds forked over and weedy roots removed (despite having the plot for 7 years this is an ongoing job). I’ll be planting onions sets, and some wallflowers in the flower bed.

I also need to give the shed a tidy out and a repaint, preferably before the blackberry starts to reclaim it again.

So it’s full stem ahead.



    • Thanks Muddy boots and fingernails! Yes, chillies are notoriously slow to germinate, and they’re so far growing pretty slowly. They need a bit more warmth yet. I’m interested to know how you get on with Nagas. Those are the very hot, hot, hot ones!


      • Yes, Mr MBaF is a hot chilli man. We’ve grown both varieties before, very successfully when we were in a rented place with a greenhouse, less successfully without. The good harvest was frozen and kept us going for a year!

        There’s a lean-to greenhouse waiting to go up on our decking, so hopefully this year’s harvest will be a good’n!


        • I grow mine at home in a small conservatory that’s just off the kitchen. It’s very cold in there in winter, but gets very hot in summer, so the chillies love it. I froze some last year for the first time, very successfully, still got some going. And lots of dried ones too. My other half is the big chilli fan too.


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