A little less conversation

rhubarb harvest

I often feel I ramble on far too much in my posts, so while I can’t quite do the ‘Wordless Wednesday’ thing, here is at least a waffle-free Wednesday!

We’ve been harvesting lots of the above, evidence below, and some rhubarb recipes can be found on my From Plot to Plate blog.

Allotment rhubarb 3-4

I sowed a row of these:

yin yang beans

I planted out these:

lettuce youngsters

And added a bit of protection from the wildlife:

lettuce protection

We’re very excited by the prospect of this on the menu:

asparagus spear

Likewise, the sign of good things to come here:

plum blossom

And here:

strawb flowers

And here:

beetroot seedlings

I picked my first harvest of this:

oregano harvest

And started eating some of this:


And finally, we’ve been preparing a bed ready for these:

brassica youngsters

Need I say more?

I think waffle-free Wednesday might become a feature.


    • They’re a dwarf bean called Yin Yang. Lots of places sell them, you can eat the dried beans inside too, always a bonus for me as I often miss loads when I pick them.


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