Allotment journal for April

Allotment journal_Apr15_p1 Allotment journal_Apr15_p2

I was hoping to do more pages, but how time flies when you’re in the garden / potting shed / allotment having fun. It was a hot April. I asked one of my fellow allotmenteers where the April showers were, he replied ‘they’ll be here in June when everyone’s on holiday’. I don’t think he’s wrong, but they seem to have started early!

Here’s to the May flowers.


  1. I know I’ve said it before but I just love your garden journaling. So inspiring. Each month I see your pages and think to myself, “Self, I must do that this month. Look how amazing!”, and then I get intimidated and overwhelmed and I don’t even try, when really it doesn’t matter how it turns out since it is only for me, right? So, what’s to fear? Why not just give it a go??

    I think, maybe, topic matter? There is either too little to be inspired to bother, like, in the middle of winter when there isn’t anything going on, or too too much, like right now that Spring has sprung the garden is crazy busy. How do you decide what to journal about? How do you distill the whole month into its essence in just two pages? Tell me your secrets — please!! 🙂


    • Hi Green Eggs, thanks so much, I’m glad you like them. I’m still finding my feet with it to be honest, I wasn’t sure where to start this month. It’s similar to writing a blog post, sometimes I have a vague idea in mind, or sometimes I haven’t a clue what to write, but I just start and let it flow, and see what comes. I went a bit off piste in January, but tried to focus on the winter veg being harvested, and in the busy months, I focus on the main activity/harvests/flowers, whatever look good! I keep a normal written diary to remind me of what I planted/sowed etc. and refer to my blog photos a lot too. Give it a go, it’s great therapy and you might find it easier than you think.


  2. Hey Zoe, that’s a beautiful journal, well done. I’m dabbling with nature journalling and will post some pics on my blog one day. I understand what you mean about how relaxing it is. I just get totally absorbed and forget about the world for a while! Cheers, Paula


    • Thanks Paula, I really look forward to seeing some pictures of your journal. Gardening and drawing are both great therapy.


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