First pickings and final plantings

top plot + shed

Well, the hungry gap is well and truly behind us now, and harvesting is in full swing. Not yet at the apex of the swing, but soaring upwards and gathering speed.

potatoes and peas

My first little harvest actually came from home, where I grew some potatoes in a grow sack, and mange-tout peas in a pot. Back in February when I was chitting the potatoes, I came across the last few of our Romana main crop potatoes that we grew last year. I decided (as they were happily chitting themselves) to plant them rather than throw them in the compost bin where I knew they’d grow anyway. So I treated them like new potatoes and harvested them small along with some garden mint and peas. There was enough for a couple of meals for 2. Not bad for a freebie.

onion harvest

garlic harvest

We’ve also been pulling up the odd onion as and when we need them, though I think they’ll all have to come out soon. And the first couple of rows of garlic have come out and are drying out nicely in the sun in my garden.

strawberry punnet

spinach harvest

We’ve also been eating strawberries and lots of spinach. Not at the same time you understand, that would be weird. I’m trying to be very careful with the strawberries, I have a slight intolerance to them that seems to be getting worse each year. I’m sure the day will come when I won’t be able to go near them. But that makes me want to eat them all the more. Why is it always the tastiest things, why can’t I be intolerant to celery?

lettuce harvested lettuce re-grown

I’ve been harvesting lettuce, but rather than pulling up a whole head as I normally would, I’ve been slicing them off at ground level and allowing the leaves to grow back again. Cut and come again style. Works a treat.

first sweetpea cosmos firsr flower

The flowers are all starting to put on their little flamboyant shows, and flirting with the bees. These pictures were taken on an evening stroll up to the plot, hence the dark backgrounds. It’s so nice to make the most of these long days.

beets and courgettes

And finally, some baby veg that I could resist picking no longer. The courgettes especially tasted delicious in their sweet and tender stage of life. I really must pick them more often at this size, but it’s amazing how quickly they go from little finger size to whopping monster!

The summer solstice is usually my deadline for getting all of my crops planted out, and we just managed it this year. John planted out a whopping 130 odd leeks, and after lifting some of the garlic, I refilled the space with some more kale and little lettuce plants I’ve been growing from seed. Once the rest of the garlic and overwintered onions are out, I might sow another row of Sweet Williams in the hope they’ll flower next year. And any other vacant spaces will get a sprinkling of mustard seeds to keep the weeds in check.

From here on it’s just a case of weeding, tying in, nipping tops out, and generally keeping a semblance of control over the party. No problem!

June’s journal pages are in progress. See them here on the 1st July.


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