Allotment journal for June

Allotment journal_June_p1

Allotment journal_June_p2

So June was a busy old month, so much so that I filled a whopping 4 pages of my journal and couldn’t get it all finished by the end of the month, so I’m a day late. I hope it’s worth waiting for.

Flaming June it certainly was by the end of the month. My it’s been hot. I’m hoping we’ll get some much needed rain storms later today. John and I have been taking evening trips up to the plot with a huge container of water (butts are all empty up there) in order to try and keep our newly planted, baby leeks alive. ‘Mercy missions’ John calls them! I think there’ll be more of those to come. We’ve also been watering the lettuce, tomatoes and courgettes, but everything else will just have to find it’s own supply and hold on in there. The broad beans are pretty much finished now anyway, and the autumn planted onions and garlic have been lifted and are basking in the sun.

Talking of courgettes, when I posted my journal pages for May, I hoped to maybe get a courgette by the end of June. Well, I’ve had 7 so far! 3 of which were pretty small, 3 regular sized and 1 marrow wanna-be, and woulda-been if I hadn’t cruelly severed it!

Happy July everyone.

Ps: you can click on the above pictures for a larger view.


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