A Plot of Flowers

nasturtium flowers

It seems the hot dry weather we’ve been having has brought about a flowering frenzy on my plot. They’re having their moment in the spot/sunlight.

I grow flowers for many reasons. For example, the nasturtiums above are not only edible, but they act like sacrificial lambs, meaning the blackfly, caterpillars and slugs are more likely to attack these and leave my other crops alone. They also attract the bees and other pollinating insects, and they spread, creating a little carpet where the weeds can’t muscle their way in. And as much as anything, they add a lovely bright splash of colour. I may be a slightly biased designer, but I like a plot to have an aesthetic form as well as a purposeful function.

I grow foxgloves and lavender in the herb bed, mainly to attract the bees.

foxglove and bee lavender flowers

The herbs themselves also do a pretty good job at attracting pollinators. Variegated thyme below.

thyme flowers

Below is feverfew, growing in the herb bed, which I didn’t intentionally plant. It somehow made it’s way here from my garden where it flowers. Some seeds must have got transported somehow. But it’s also a good flower for the bees. It may become a weed in time, but its golden leaves are easy to spot and pull out.

feverfew flowers

Calendula (or pot marigold) is another edible flower that self seeds around my plot, attracts the bees and brightens the place up a bit.

calendula flower

I also have a small cutting patch with some dahlias, cosmos and sweet williams (which are now finished) and a nearby wigwam of sweetpeas. I’m not sure if the green beetle below is friend or foe, anyone know?

dahlia flowercosmos flower sweetpea flowers

Then of course there are the vegetables themselves putting on their own flower show. Some of which are just as beautiful.

courgette flowers potato flowers bean flower

And then there are the crops that are pushing out flowers when I really don’t want them to! Otherwise known as bolting, producing flowers before they’ve produced you any viable veg. They’ve skipped a course and are eating their desserts before they’ve had their main! Cheeky devils. It’s usually down to a lack of water. As far as they’re concerned, the end is nigh and they have to reproduce, fast.

PSB flower rocket flower

Oh where would we be without the flowers and the bees?




  1. I don’t even have an allotment, but I am hooked on this site! It is always very calming, although having seen my brother-in-law’s tremendous commitment to his allotment, I’m not sure that calm comes into actually having one…!


    • Ha, yes. I’d say it’s a lot of work, but work that is very therapeutic. So it can be calming too, calming to the mind more than the body, if that makes sense. Going through the gates and locking them on the other side, it’s like going into my own little oasis and escaping from the outside world. All very lovely until I get to my plot and see the weeds!


  2. Lovely post and wonderful pictures. I don’t have a garden so grow lots of flowers on my plot.
    That green beetle is an Oedemera noblis which feeds on flower pollen so is harmless. xx


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