sunflower1sunflower2 sunflowers

A little update on my last post – I can now add sunflowers to the list of flowers on my plot right now.

There are some flowers that I would never grow in my cottage style garden at home, often due to a lack of space, or because they somehow wouldn’t look right. Sunflowers are one of these, but they’re perfect on the allotment. An allotment site looks so much nicer with a few sunflowers dotted around, and quite a few people on ours grow them.

These are called Coconut Ice, they’re a beautiful pale yellow colour. I’ll save some seed from these in the autumn and hopefully grow lots more of them next year. They make great gap fillers, as they don’t take much ground space.

And you have the pleasure of feeding both the bees and later the birds with the seeds.


  1. I like those. I always grow sunflowers on the plot but didn’t have many this year. Parakeets and squirrels tend to chomp the flower heads which is a bit annoying. xx


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