My garden inspiration

Mums garden 1

I want to take you away from my allotment very briefly to show you a special place in my heart. Bessie and I took a small break to visit my parents for a couple of days, and my mums beloved garden at this time of year, is like a restorative sanctuary for me. I know it certainly is for her too, as a full time carer for my dad, it’s just large enough that she can escape briefly into it, albeit with an alarm that dad can call her on if he needs her. As kids we were forever asking ‘where’s mum?’, but of course we knew she was deep in the garden … somewhere!

Mums garden 5 Mums garden 7 Mums garden 4

There’s nothing posh or fancy about it, she’d (hopefully) agree with my description of ‘slightly ramshackle’ but in a wonderfully interesting and characterful way. I think ‘naturalistic’ is probably a kinder term that is banded about these days. Some people are horrified by it, they’d want to ‘tidy’ it all up, it’s just not their idea of a garden. Her own sister wonders how on earth (no pun intended) she manages it all. But I know from my own mini slice of this, that the more you pack in, the less weeds you get, and you just allow everything to self-seed, merge together, flow over the paths and run wild, with just a tad of ‘guidance’ here and there for the truly unruly. It’s way easier than my allotment! I think watering all of her pots and hanging baskets is the biggest task she has.

Mums garden 2 Mums garden 6 Mums garden 8

There are lots of places to sit and enjoy the view from various different angles. Including the grand pavilion (as we have jokingly named it) that dad lovingly made before his condition got too bad. Not that it stops him much still, you can just make out a spirit level propped up against the raised pond. That’ll be my dads little addition to the garden furniture. Not sure what he was levelling, there can’t be a single thing in the garden that’s level.

Mums garden 12

I don’t know if this ‘window’ is deliberate (mum will be nodding her head now, ‘oh yes, very, very deliberate!’)  but it makes a nice frame to a view of the lawn area.

Mums garden 10

There’s a woodland path that weaves around the back of the borders. As children we loved this, as do the grandchildren now, and even my dog!

Mums garden 11

There are some lovely harmonious colour combinations …

Mums garden 19

… but she’s not one to be afraid of a little colour clash here and there too!

Mums garden 9Mums garden 21

There are containers everywhere, and everything is a potential container.

Mums garden 20 Mums garden 25

If they recreated this garden for Chelsea (I can hear mum snort at that one), they would have to replicate the rusty wheelbarrow, leaning up against the compost heap, with the hosepipe wrapped around it. Likewise the old tools, randomly sitting on a tree-stump. It just wouldn’t be authentic without them, they are part of the fabric of the garden. Or something like that.

Mums garden 13 Mums garden 16 Mums garden 26

She has over 30 roses, and I dread to think how many clematis. And yet, if she somehow manages to find something to grow another clematis over, she’ll happily squeeze another one in.

Mums garden 17

There’s a foxglove, well over 10ft tall, trying to fight it’s way through the tree top!

Mums garden 14 Mums garden 18

These are 2 of my current favourite plants that are in flower (it changes on every visit). An annual Osteospermum (top picture) that she’s grown from seed. I’ll be taking some seed from that when it’s ready. And (bottom picture) a double flowered feverfew. The single variety grows readily in my garden and allotment, but I love this one.

Mums garden 24

This is mission control (aka her potting shed). It used to be my dads garden office when he worked from home. The roof was replaced with sheets of transparent plastic, and the inside fitted out with work benches and shelves and lots of hooks. In the winter, you literally can’t get in here as she keeps all of the tender potted plants tucked away safely from frosts, and in spring it’s full of seed trays and propagators.

Mums garden 23

Talking of which, there are seedlings and pots of baby plants on every possible surface. It’s not at all unusual to find a bucket with some baby plants hiding inside. Carol Klein has nothing on my mum when it comes to propagating, it’s like an addiction.

Mums garden 22

And this is my little harvest. In exchange for a bag of new potatoes, courgettes and garlic from the plot, I’ll be taking home some of her spare Knautia seedlings, some Californian Poppies (they self-seed all round her garden), a piece of the double feverfew that I like, and a small Pulmonaria. Ooh, a cuppa tea and a biscuit for free and who needs to visit an RHS garden?


  1. Beautiful! The exact kind of garden I would love. The woodland path is a brilliant idea. Funnily enough, I just did a post about my mum’s garden too. Mums are gardening heroes!


  2. What a beautiful garden, you must love going to visit your mum and wandering round the garden with her. I miss my mum’s garden more than I can say, she had a thing for roses and clematis too. But what a challenging year it’s been with hardly any rain for about two months and the aphids still multiplying. Still at least you and I are eating well from the plot every day.


    • Thanks! I do love wandering around the garden with her, it’s a quick hello to Dad, and then straight into the garden with mum, even before I get a cup of tea. Sorry to hear you don’t have your mum’s garden to visit anymore, I will certainly miss this one, one day. That’s why I take as many pictures as I can.


    • Thanks! Yes the feverfew is pretty. I’m glad I managed to find a small offshoot near the base to dig up and take. I hope I can get it to grow okay.


  3. Please tell your mum that she has a wonderful garden – I love the bountiful wildness much more than a formal garden. But then maybe it’s because that’s the kind of garden my mother had too. Winding paths, and flowers peeping out everywhere. No doubt inspired my green thumb too. Here’s to gardening mothers, and wild gardens!


  4. What a beautiful Garden your Mum has.. I love the various nooks and crannies where you can sit and hide away.. Beautiful boarders and love all the colour combinations.. I especially like the cobbles and flagstones around the table.
    Very pretty
    Many thanks for sharing


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