Allotment journal for July

Allotment journal_July15

Here are my allotment journal pages for July. There wasn’t quite so much to illustrate for last month, partly because there isn’t as much to do as in the previous months, but also the plot got a bit neglected by us, as we had less time to get ourselves down there. By July most of the crops have been planted out (all of them in our case) and then it’s a job of keeping everything ticking over, controlling the weeds, and harvesting lots of lovely produce. Lots and lots of courgettes! My garlic isn’t quite as pink as it is in my picture (bit of artistic license there) as you can see below, but I did manage to produce 4 plaits and filled a basket with the hardback and elephant garlic.

garlic plait garlic basket

A more detailed plot update is on the cards when I have more time, but for now, here’s proof (before and after shots) that we worked our socks off on Sunday to bring a slightly neglected plot back into some semblance of order. It might be a couple of weeks before we make it back again, so it’ll probably be back to looking like picture 1 again by then.

plot before and after

I can’t quite believe we’re into August now already. I have my fingers firmly crossed that the tomatoes ripen this month and we don’t get blight. Here’s hoping I can illustrate some lovely red tomatoes in this months pages.


    • Thanks, I never make a great job of it. The more garlic you add, the more random my plaiting gets, but with a bit of twine covering the ends it sort of looks okay. The trick is to just keep going!


  1. I always love seeing your garden journals. So charming and lovely. In fact, you inspired me to try to keep a monthly garden journal too but it didn’t last long. I’ve not much artistic talent and found it all rather frustrating, but I think with practice it will become more engaging and fun. So I took a month off. It’s ok. Seeing your work inspires me all over again to have another go – yay!


    • Hi GreenEggs, I’m glad I can be an inspiration, I take inspiration from others to start such projects, but I’m rarely as good as them. It doesn’t matter, you just have to find your style, and the more you do it, the better and easier it will become. Start with baby steps (i.e. something simple) and build it up from there.

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    • Thanks! I never have any luck with late planted garlic, no matter that they say you can plant it up until February, only the autumn planted ones get large enough, so I just stick to those now.


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