Waffle Free Wednesday


Life is pretty hectic at the moment. The allotment is probably feeling a tad neglected these days, it deserves better treatment frankly, but we’re doing what we can. I don’t want to sound like one of these people who takes on a plot, and when it becomes overgrown, moan that they don’t have the time for it. It begs an obvious question that I don’t need to spell out. If you want to do it enough, you find the time, and I will.

I should probably be down there now instead of blogging!

So in brief, we’re still munching our way through a glut of courgettes. The picture above is a typical weekly harvest of them.

lettuce2 lettuce1

I’m loving this dark leaved lettuce. I would tell you the variety name, but I can’t remember it and I no longer have the seed packet! Sorry.

It does’t mind a drought, it doesn’t bolt (so far), it hasn’t been eaten by slugs or attacked by anything else, and one of the best things about it is, it stays crisp long after you get it home. Some lettuce wilts the minute you pick it, but not this one. We did a 7 hour drive up to the Lake District with a bag of it in the boot, and it was still fine. It stays fresh for a long time in the fridge, it’s tasty and a lovely colour too. I’ll allow one to go to seed so I have some for next year.


The sweetcorn is almost ready. I pierced one of the kernels with my thumbnail and the juice ran clear, which means it’s not quite there. When it comes out milky, get some boiling water on the go, it’s good to go.


I’ve harvested my first lemon cucumber. Thanks to a good allotment friend who saved some of my seeds for me last year, after I completely forgot to, and then germinated a couple for me. Star!


The flowers are looking pretty, a combination of cosmos and dahlias here.


And some tiny red Brussel Sprouts are starting to form. I’m pleased with these plants so far. I’d almost given up growing sprouts after a couple of disastrous years, but it just shows that you should always try again with a crop. They’re not just for Christmas you know!

Also coming on well so far are the tomatoes, squashes and I have lots of dwarf beans, but I’m mainly saving those for the fabulous beans inside.

Not so good this year – sweetpeas, I can live without them, they just suffered too much in the dry spring and went to seed before they really got going. Also the maincrop onions are on the small side and the tops have now gone over, we may have planted them too deep, or it may be another weather factor. Who knows. I’m also struggling to grow some cucamelons outside, and I’m now realising they should probably be in a greenhouse. Learning curve.

coniston1 coniston2

We had a lovely time meeting up with extended family in the (for once) sunny Lake District. Warm enough for a paddle in Lake Coniston before a pub lunch and a trip on the steamboat, perfect. Even worth getting stuck in the traffic for.

Oops, so much for the waffle-free!


  1. Big smiles on the glut of courgettes to say we only planted 3 plants we are overrun with them 🙂 .. but luckily other people like them as much as we do so lots to give away..

    Now funny you should mention a lemon cucumber.. another allotmenteer said he had grown one but as yet hadn’t harvested.. I would be interested in knowing how they taste?

    I have had a wonderful show of sweetpeas probably because we planted near the courgettes and squash on an old compost heap Hubby sorted out last autumn ready to plant on. And they have all just thrived.. I cut a couple of bunches of flowers most days and they are still going strong…

    And it was lovely you enjoyed family time up at the lake district.. Such a beautiful place..
    Enjoy your week and Happy Gardening!
    Sue x


    • Thanks Sue. The lemon cucumbers taste much like other cucumbers really, except they’re a bit lighter with no bitterness. The skins can get a little bit tough if they’ve been allowed to harden, but they’re easy enough to peel. What is nice is the small size of them meaning you can use them up individually. Well done with the sweetpeas, I think I just neglected mine during a warm spell in spring, my own fault!

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