Sunset Allotment

First sweetcorn

We took a quick trip down to the plot yesterday evening to rescue a few courgettes from turning into marrows (although we were a bit late on that front – 5 marrows) and to put the hoe around after being tied up with other commitments over the weekend.

I managed to harvest the first 6 cobs of sweetcorn, while John dug up a couple of heads of potatoes. I cut some more lettuce and pulled up a couple of beetroot.

Now that the nights are starting to draw in, time for much evening activity on the plot is becoming limited. It wasn’t long before the sun decided it was time to retire, but it didn’t go down without putting on a beautiful show for us. Our focus turned earthwards to skyward.

sunset1sunset2 sunset3 sunset4

Nothing beats standing on the plot on a warm summers evening, completely transfixed by the sky. Nature is beautiful and amazing.


  1. What a beautiful sunset. It’s been grey and sunless all day here and very chilly at my allotment at 6 o’clock tonight. I looked at picking some sweet corn but decided to give them another day or two. Hope you enjoyed yours tonight.


  2. Yes, what a contrast, it’s been raining pretty much all day here, and not very warm at all. Oh well. I did enjoy the first sweetcorn with dinner tonight. Delicious.


  3. Wonderful looking harvest Zoe.. your sweetcorn looks lovely.. And I must go check on ours now the tassels have gone brown.. Harvest time is just the best.. But then all the work in the Kitchen starts too.. 🙂
    Loved the views and that wonderful sky 🙂
    Happy Gardening.. 🙂


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