Enjoying the fruits of our labour

beetrootlettuce lemon cucumber1lemon cucumber2  sweetcorn cherry tomatoes

A colourful rainbow of allotment fruit and veg are being devoured at the moment. Beetroot, lettuce, lemon cucumbers, sweetcorn, and the first cherry tomatoes, along with stocks of potatoes, onions and garlic. The courgettes are still hanging in there, despite a touch of mildew. Now that I’ve freed them of their marrows they’re starting to produce babies again. There are lots of raspberries to be picked and the first blackberries are ready now too. The plums and apples are almost there, the main crop onions have been lifted and we might dig a few main crop potatoes up soon. The dwarf beans are already drying on the plants, although they might not be so dry in all this rain. The savoy cabbages are fat and ready to be used and I’m not sure the brussels sprouts will hang around till Christmas. I haven’t yet dared to lift the few carrots we have, and it seems too early yet for parsnips even though they’re tall and lush with growth. That just leaves the leeks, the only crop still in it’s infancy. Phew!

The only downside at the moment is blight on my Italian cooking tomatoes, I’m gutted, I may have to give up trying to grow them on the plot. The cherry ones that are growing on a different patch seem to be unaffected, at the moment anyway.

I know my mind is racing ahead, but I’m now thinking autumnal – storing and preserving, digging and filling a compost trench, stripping the beds, getting the garlic and onions in for next year. But there’s time yet for all of that.

For now, I’m just enjoying the bounty of the harvest!


  1. My beetroot is over now, but I have some pickled in jars. Plenty of courgettes still. Also, red onions, white onions, shallots, and garlic nicely dried in the summerhouse. Homegrown white onions and shallots are so strong compared to the shop-brought ones. Tears stream while slicing them!


  2. This all looks delicious. It has been a good growing year I think. Although we’ve struggled with water (up to now) there’s been plenty of warmth and sunshine. Enjoy the fruits of your labours – nothing tastes as good.


    • Yes, it’s not been a bad growing year. A dry spring and now a wet late summer, but a good balance of sunshine and showers in between. Can’t complain really!


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