Allotment journal for August

Allotment journal - August

So August has been and gone and we are now on the fast track into autumn. Although yesterday felt more like mid winter round these parts.

I like autumn. Harvest time, clearing the beds out time, preserving and laying down stock for the winter time. I am a little fed up of all the rain we had last month, so I’m hoping September will be a bit dryer at least. I’m looking forward to making soups and casseroles and comfort food again, and some long walks with my dog, kicking through the autumn leaves (me, not the dog) before home to tea and toast.

Summer, you’ve been pretty good, but I am so over you!


  1. Oh Zoe, I share your feeling absolutely. I can hardly wait to get clearing and harvesting too. But it has been a good summer for growing and already I have a tub or two of soup in the freezer. Happy autumn to you.


    • Thanks, and to you! I do love a change in the seasons, I think I’d hate to live somewhere that had much the same weather all year. Even though we Brits love to moan about it.


    • Yes, and the slugs, found some enormous fat slugs down there yesterday. But then John found a frog (or it might have been a toad) hiding near the compost heap, who is maybe also enjoying the rain, and hopefully a few slug dinners. Ups and downs!


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