Allotment journal for September

Allotment journal Sept

Well, I had hoped for dryer weather in September, and I was blessed with the request. This last week has been beautiful here in the UK. It seems often to be the case that September and October are dryer and sunnier than August, what topsy-turvy seasons we have. Here’s hoping this lasts into October too. It’s chilly in the mornings and late at night, but I don’t mind that. Now that the darker nights are drawing in, it’s nice to cosy up in the evenings.

For Septembers journal pages, I decided to do more handwritten notes and less illustration, just for a bit of a contrast to the other pages, but I’m not sure I like it as much, and I didn’t have time to change it. So, I’ll go back to my usual style next month. It’s difficult to get the notes/pictures balance right. If you want to see all of the pages so far this year, click on the link in the Categories list for Allotment journal.

Happy harvesting!


  1. Hi Zoe, your journal pages are a delight as usual. You are making such a wonderful keepsake of your allotment career. I’ve just whizzed carrot and beetroot soup (about equal amounts of each, the carrots were full of fly and needed a lot chopping about so soup was perfect) and I’m just boiling some more beetroot to make chocolate and beetroot brownies. I use the River Cafe recipe and you really wouldn’t know beetroot was one of the ingredients. Have a great weekend.


  2. Hi, thanks very much, I’m really enjoying doing the journal. I’ve not tried adding beetroot to a soup, I bet that’s lovely. I have made beetroot brownies lots though, they are delicious. I also put raspberries in last time I made them. Enjoy them!


    • Aw, that’s really nice! No I don’t have any copyright on them, but now I might have to think about that! Only kidding, glad you like them.


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