A new growing year begins …

2016 journal cover

… and so does a new allotment journal to go with it. Above is the front cover …

2016 journal title page

… and the title page. A bit formal I know, but designing books is what I do for a living, so it’s an occupational habit. Just be glad I didn’t also do a dedication, preface and full contents list.

2016 journal p1-2

So the new year has been very quiet on the allotment so far, as is typical for the time of year. I’ve tried to stop by while out walking the dog at least once a week to keep a check on things and harvest what I can. Mainly leeks, purple sprouting broccoli, kale, brussels sprouts, and a few pickings of sorrel from the herb bed. On returning home, the whole lot (with the exception of the leeks) has been thrown unceremoniously into a large pot and covered with stock – boiled, blended, seasoned, and a swirl of cream added to make the most delicious and healthy soup.


Towards the end of January my green fingers start to itch, but I try very hard to hold off from starting the seed sowing too early. The lack of light makes for very leggy seedlings. This year I had little choice but to wait. My shed has been crammed all winter with some old office furniture that I kept meaning to donate to a local homeless charity, making it very difficult to access my propagator or squeeze my way through to the ‘potting station’ (a little shelf under the window). Finally this morning they came to collect the furniture, allowing me to get in there and blow away the cobwebs, sweep out the leaves (how do they get in there?), clear the potting area, and organise myself with seeds on one side, trays on the other,  compost and perlite below, a small plant pot with labels, sharpened pencil and dibber. Okay, all set and ready to go! Chillies, leeks and sweetpeas will do for now.

It feels great to get going again doesn’t it?

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