Parsnip Seed Cake

Parsnip cake recipe

I’ve been wanting to illustrate a recipe since I started this years journal, so here we are. It’s actually an adaptation of Nigel Slater’s Beetroot Seed cake from his book Tender Vol I. So if you have a copy of this, just replace the beetroot for parsnips in the recipe.

parsnip cake

If anything is unclear from my illustration, let me know in a comment and I’ll try to clarify.



  1. Oh wow that sounds amazing! I got the Tender Vol. 1 for Christmas and can’t believe it’s my first Nigel Slater book…I love his cooking so much! Your journal looks beautiful by the way.


  2. Love your blog, and must admit was drawn to it by the beautiful illustrations. I made this cake a couple of days ago and it is delicious. I wasn’t sure if the strong flavour of parsnips would work in a cake, but it does. It’s lovely and moist, and even better for leaving overnight. Thanks for the inspiration. 😀


  3. Fantastic illustration. Sarah at Homeslip pointed me towards your blog thinking I might love it, and I do! So glad to have found it, and I’m looking forward to following along. I love Nigel Slater’s Tender books, so inspirational especially for us vegetable growers.


    • Hi CJ, thanks very much, glad you found me. You have a lovely blog too, I’ve looked at it a few times in the past. Yes, Tender is definitely one of my favourite cookbooks now.


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