Thank heavens for May. We went from hail storms and freezing temperatures in April to scorching sunshine in less than 2 weeks. But now I’m playing catch up, big time. I don’t even have time to draw up the long list of jobs that need doing this month, I just need to crack on.

The beans are running wild indoors, I desperately need to get them out and climbing up their supports.

The asparagus has finally shown up, I was starting to worry it wasn’t going to. The onions are looking pretty good, and the potatoes have started to shoot.

There’s lots of blossom on the apple tree this year, more than usual. Some tiny buds already forming on the plum tree, the pineberries are in flower, and I’ve been harvesting and eating plenty of rhubarb.

The grass paths are getting a regular mowing (mainly thinks to my plot neighbour) and the grass is proving useful as a mulch around the peas and baby lettuce plants, which seem to be doing well so far.

So that’s the good stuff. However on the downside, I’ve had to re-sow some courgettes and cucumbers which failed to germinate, and I’ve yet to see any sign from the root crops (carrots, parsnips and beetroot). It’s quite frustrating when you time the sowing of crops just right and then you get a no-show! I have another bed of onions that look pretty poor compared to those pictured above, despite them being the same variety and planted about a week earlier. The soil must be depleted of nutrients in that spot. We’re throwing lots of chicken manure at them, but it’s probably too little, too late. If nothing else, they’ll  be good to use as spring onions, and we can get some goodness into the soil for next year.

I’ll no doubt be playing catch up with my journal too before long, but here’s how it looks so far.

Just got to get those beds filled up now!


  1. Those crops look fabulous quality, esp. the asparagus. Know what you mean about no-shows.. beetroot here refusing to appear, although the carrots did eventually. Do we re-sow or not? Always the dilemma… 🙂


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