Zoe’s Garden Prints

So I’ve been a little bit behind with the allotment and my blogging just lately, but I do have a valid reason, your honour. I embarked on a new project back when the weather was grim, and my allotment duties were minimal.

I will update you on the plot activities shortly, and my journal once I find the time to actually draw something in it. But for now, let me introduce you to my illustrated typographic prints …

Eat your greens 1 Grow your own 1 Kitchen garden 1 Rainbow 1Peas and beans 1 Roots 1

Alliums 1Treasure 2 You can call it 2

Alphabet 1

Those of you who follow me on Instagram may have seen these already, so apologies for all of the self-promotion.

These are all hand-drawn initially (artwork and lettering) and then taken onto the computer and turned into digital artwork with the colours added in digitally, which gives them their vibrancy. The prints are then produced using special fade-resistant inks and professional quality photo paper (sometimes called archival paper) which means the colours stay true for years and won’t fade.

Also, remember the illustrated parsnip and seed cake recipe I shared with you a while ago?

Parsnip cake 1 Beetroot muffins 2

I have tweaked it and reproduced it as a print, along with one for chocolate beetroot muffins. There will be some more of these recipes to come.

Colour-in Greens 1

And there are also some downloadable pdf files of some of the artwork as outline for you to print out and colour-in at home, if that should be your thing.

So, if you are interested in any of the above, you can find my shop on Etsy via the following link: http://zoesgardenprints.etsy.com

Thanks! Back to allotments shortly I promise!


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