Early summer delights

top plot May29

This is, without doubt, my favourite time of year. Late spring – early summer. A period of about 6 weeks, from mid May through to late June. Why? Let me give you a list.

  1. The nights are drawing out, the days getting longer, heading towards the summer solstice. Which mean extra time for all that gardening, or just sitting out and enjoying the garden.
  2. The weather starts to improve. We might get the odd rainy day, but in a gardeners world, that’s okay, so long as it isn’t a day you’d planned on doing much in the garden! We have to get some housework done at some point, so that’s what the rainy days are for. That and planning.
  3. Further to point 2, there is still a freshness in the air. The heavy humidity of July and August hasn’t arrived just yet. So there’s no excuse not to crack on with some essential gardening tasks, of which there are many at this time of year.garden flowers
  4. My garden always looks it’s best at this time of year. From the late narcissus and tulips of early May, to forget-me-nots and aquilegias in mid May, and the first foxgloves and clematis opening in June. By mid July most flowers have gone over and there are gaps everywhere. There are flowers that come later, but somehow the garden never looks quite as pretty as it does right now. bottom plot May29
  5. The allotment fills up and starts to really take shape. Once the potatoes are up and the tender crops have been planted, the plot looks full of great potential. Again by late July I have gaps where the over wintered onions and garlic have come out, the early potatoes are in stages of being dug up with the tops dying down, the tomatoes have no doubt caught blight, and  there’s rust and mildew running amok. Past experience talking there!asparagus harvest
  6. The ‘firsts’ of the growing season are coming thick and fast. First asparagus, broad beans, and then the first strawberries. By late summer you’re over-run with too many courgettes and are scouring the internet for cucumber recipes, but early summer is when everything is very welcome and just tastes so amazing!sweet williams
  7. The house starts to fill up with vases of cut flowers from the plot, such as these Sweet Williams I bought home yesterday.
  8. We get a second bank holiday of the month, giving me time to catch up with my journal.

journal pages 15-16

What do you love about this time of year?


  1. Oh yes, I completely agree with all of that, it’s utterly magical at this time of year isn’t it. Somehow this year it seems even more so. Your plot is beautifully neat. The weeds on mine are a bit excrutiating, but the asparagus and rhubarb are wonderful.


  2. I’m still winning my war with the weeds! I can still keep on top of them right now. My allotment is looking lovely and our garden roses are happy and not too covered in black spot. Your plot looks great 🙂


  3. I love the light at this time of year, the sun rises so early and goes down so late. Gives me so much time to spend enjoying my garden and the outdoors. Lovely post! I’m looking forward to following you as I started my own vegetable garden this year. Happy growing 🙂


    • Hi. Thanks for following! Yes the extra light is fantastic, I wish I was an early riser to appreciate the morning light more. If I do happen to be awake early the sound of the birds in their morning chorus is incredible.

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  4. What a beautiful garden. Our light has gone to stay with you, and it’s now dark by 5pm — I live in Brisbane, Australia in case you wondered where I was talking about.


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