Time flies

Where does the time go? I last updated you at the beginning of November, and now here we are, well into December and heading way too fast towards Christmas and the end of the year. Christmas sometimes feels like this vortex of time that pulls you in, and the closer you get to it, the faster it goes, and there is no pulling back. Sorry, what I mean is, it’s just the most wonderful time of the year, obviously!

So, what’s been happening down on the plot?

Well, I’ve been harvesting lots of these. Leeks, endless amounts of beetroot, lettuce, carrots for the first year in a while, the last of the mini bell and chilli peppers (harvested these in late November), purple sprouting broccoli and Red Russian kale.


The Brussels sprouts are coming on slowly, though they’re still pretty small, and some look as though they’re getting attacked by something boring tiny holes into them. I’ve had this problem before but not quite as bad. I’ve given them a good helping of chicken manure in the hope this gives them a boost. Though I’m not too hopeful they’ll be on the Christmas menu this year. The tops look amazing though, so if nothing good comes from the sprouts, I might be able to use the tops like red cabbage.


There are still flowers going strong despite some very chilly frosts we’ve had. I can understand the Calendulas hanging on in there, they’re hardy little fellas, but I also have some dwarf stocks in flower which I find more surprising.


I’ve also been doing lots of drawing in my allotment journal. A little less time gardening, means more time for this. There’s just 1 more double page spread to fill before the end of the year, and then I’m hoping to create a little video taking you through the whole book from start to finish. So watch out for that.



And finally, I’ve been working on new creations for my little Etsy shop. There are some new prints, some Christmas cards, these harvest bags, and I still have some tea towels too, which I’ll even gift wrap for you. All very affordable for gifts this Christmas.

Oh my! Christmas! I’d better get shopping.


    • Thanks Steve. My home garden is all about the flowers. I do try and keep the allotment for fruit and veg, but it too is increasingly becoming taken over by flowers. Some to attract beneficial insects, some as sacrificial lambs, and some to cut and take home. I’m also finding self seeders that have crept in from home (forget-me-nots and feverfew) that I can’t bring myself to weed out. I now seem to have a cottage garden style allotment!

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