All change

Welcome to my new updated site. If you’re viewing this through WordPress, it might not look much different, and the blog pages should be pretty much as they were, but you may notice that the URL and blog title has changed to Zoe’s Garden Prints. I have bid farewell to This Blessed Plot (it has served me well for 8 long years) and I have changed the domain name to tie in with my Etsy shop. Slowly but surely I am rebranding. The backlog of posts are still available, and if you’ve bookmarked me under the old URL, it should still bring you here, though you might want to remark me just in case.

The homepage is now a gallery of some of the items I have for sale over on Etsy, just click on the blog tab (at the top) for my allotment posts. Don’t worry, I will still be updating you on my allotment activities as per usual, but I might also add a few updates on my shop too.

So, I hope you’ve all had a lovely Christmas, and are enjoying a bit of down time, relaxing, rejuvenating, eating some good food and keeping cosy. We’re doing all of the above, albeit with a bit of planning and scheming for the New Year. I’m much better at planning projects than keeping resolutions.

Here’s a few lessons I have learned this year:


I’ll be attempting to learn something from these for next year.

Happy 2017 to all of my followers, I hope you all have a productive gardening year!

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