Plot tour

Come with me, for a little stroll down my allotment plot and I’ll show you what’s growing. There’s no commentary, just me, the wind (apologies, it was a windy day) and the birds and bees.

There are a few gaps here and there where crops have been harvested in full – garlic, shallots and early potatoes. One of the beds will be planted with ‘Christmas potatoes’ i.e. seed potatoes that have been kept in cold storage, and once planted should be ready by Christmas. A compost trench will be dug in another space, and mustard sown wherever else there is bare ground. At the top, in the space next to the cosmos, will be planted some Sweet Williams and foxgloves, once they are large enough to transplant. Bare ground doesn’t stay that way for long on my plot, if I don’t fill it, Mother Nature will do the job for me.

The maincrop onions you can see in the video were harvested shortly afterwards and are now filling my shed with their aroma while they dry out. And you can see some rows of salad ‘Anya’ potatoes that have died back and will shortly be lifted. I must tackle some of those overgrown nasturtiums at some point too.

Here is my journal for July, I can’t believe we’re into August already!

Journal July


    • Thanks. To be honest I’ve not had much luck the last couple of years due to blight. But I’m growing a blight resistant variety and keeping them a little bit protected, so 🤞😁

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    • Oh thanks, but they’re actually Victoria plums, just not quite ready yet. They’ve just started to turn shades of pink and yellow, but still a bit firm. Can’t wait!


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