Shop update

Work on the allotment has pretty much wound up now for the winter. Redundant beds have been weeded and sown with mustard, and those crops toughing it out over winter have also been thoroughly weeded. The last of the chillies have been harvested (see previous post). Plenty of garlic and onions planted out, and the blackberry bush cut back. Some mulch piled onto onto the rhubarb and asparagus crowns (bags of forgotten weedy roots that couldn’t be composted, now a stinky, but rich, muck). The paths trimmed, the messy bit round the back of the shed tidied up, the annual flower husks removed, and the compost trench filled and raked over. The brassicas are tucked up and well supported, so … apart from checking on said netting and supports after any bad weather, keeping a check on any pernicious weeds when the weather allows, and the harvesting of leeks, brassicas and root crops, there’ll be little gardening action now until Spring.

Oh, but there’s no rest for me. My attention has now turned to my Etsy studio, and like a little Christmas elf, I’ve been busy in the warmth of my garden studio, creating new designs and restocking some of my older items.
journal cover
My most popular seller this year, The Little Green Garden / Allotment Journal has been fully revised and updated. I’m now selling just one version, renamed as The Little Green Veg Growers Journal and Planner (catchy I know), which is designed mainly for food growers, whether that’s an allotment, a kitchen garden, or even in pots or growbags by the back door. It really doesn’t matter where you grow food or on what scale, the planning required is much the same.
journal planner
I have added some pages at the start for planning the year ahead, firstly a list of what to grow, which can be ticked off once the seeds or plants are bought, and then a chart where you can pre-plan which months to sow, plant, feed and (hopefully) harvest each crop that you’re growing. There are lots of books out there to tell you the sowing / planting dates for various crops, but this allows you to make a list of the ones you are growing and cross them off on the chart as you go.
journal may
Each month has a to-do-list on one side, and then a blank page for you to use however you like – maybe keep a log of what you’ve done, what you’ve harvested, what the weather has been like, or draw a few pictures.
journal review
And then at the end, there’s another chart where you can review the successes or failures of each crop, decide what lessons you’ve learnt and make some notes for what you might grow next year. That’s something I’ve already been thinking about, more of that to come in my next post.
Also new to my shop are some professionally printed tote bags featuring my fruit and vegetables illustrations, and 2018 calendars showing fruit and veg that are in season for each month.
My sheets of stickers are also proving very popular. Choose from vegetables, fruit, or herbs and now Christmas fruit and vegetables. I also sell a sheet of Brussel Sprout stickers with a Merry Christmas message, perfect for sealing your Christmas card envelopes, or maybe adding to gift tags.
Christmas wrap
Talking of which – I can now offer to gift wrap any order, in my own specially printed Brussel Sprouts wrapping paper. I might also stock some sheets of this paper if requested.
Oh, and by the way, there’s 25% off everything from today (Friday 24th November) until Monday (27th November), and free postage for all orders over £20. A discount on my Little Green Journal will continue into Green Tuesday (28th November).
I haven’t shown you my illustrated journal for a while now. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen them there, but I know not everyone does, so once my pages for November are done I’ll post an update at the start of December. Oh heck, that’s only a week away!

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