Journal update


As promised here are the very belated updates on my journal for the last 3 months. I’ll be having a little break from journalling next year (I can’t believe I’ve done this for 3 years now) but don’t worry, I have other plans which I’ll be sharing with you in the New Year.

September was typically a month of harvesting lots of produce, and doing my best to preserve as much as possible. Mainly tomatoes, sweetcorn, beans, chillies and apples.

October involved lots of weeding. All that time spent in the kitchen in the previous month meant the plot became a little bit weedy*. Especially as we had the prefect weather for lots of weedy growth, unseasonably warm with showers. John did a sterling job in planting out all of our garlic and over-wintering onions.

And then November has been much quieter, but there’s still plenty to be harvested.

We’re hoping to pop down at the weekend to harvest more leeks and parsnips, and I think I’ll be doing a mammoth soup making mission to stock up the freezer. Just what you need in this snowy weather, hope you’re all keeping warm. Time for a little armchair gardening now, my favourite sort.

*quite a lot actually

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