Bowing Out

You may have noticed that I haven’t been keeping this blog updated much over the past couple of years. I used to update it religiously every week, and then every couple of weeks, and gradually it’s become less and less often.

I could make all sorts of excuses about being too busy with other projects, my Etsy shop, my freelance book design career, as well as of course the allotment itself. But actually I think I’ve just run out of steam and energy for writing anything new after 13 years of it. There are only so many posts about tomato blight and squash harvests and planting garlic that I can write, or frankly, that anyone wants to read about.

And so it has come to the end of its life, as everything does. It feels quite fitting actually to be laying this blog to rest at a time when my allotment is doing the exact same thing.

It will still be available to read until December 27th, and then it will be no more. However, if you still want to keep up with my allotment (which I’m very much not quitting just yet) and my artwork, you can follow me on Instagram.

If Instagram is something you’ve yet to explore, but are interested, maybe a little daunted, I would say come and check it out. You don’t need to have a smarty pants phone or be under the age of 40 or even 80, it’s very easy and very friendly. It gets a bad press for being full of fake influencers, but as per the rest of society, us gardeners are a very down-to-earth community that look after and support each other. We try to show our failings along with our successes, and there’s always someone who will be able to identify that pest or disease you’re not sure about, or pass on some good advice. The gardening community on both Instagram and Twitter is huge and growing all the time.

So, thanks for following, commenting, reading, advising and generally supporting this blog. I have genuinely enjoyed all the writing and sharing of photos and artwork. I will leave you with some more pictures of my plot from the summer.

Happy gardening!

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